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Gunyah Herefords
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Gunyah Sires

Tycolah Jovial F77 (Poll)

Purchased in partnership for $80,000 in 2012, Gunyah has since acquired 90% share. Jovial has bred just what I hoped, a moderate frame, very thick meaty cattle, his line of females building in the herd, look very even. Son Gunyah Admiral J213 was Reserve Junior Champion Dubbo National 2015. His group of yearling bulls this year show great potential.

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Llandillo Bathurst (Poll)

Bathurst was purchase at the Dubbo National Show & Sale for $14,000 in 2011. This sire carries a tonne of quality and he has bred it into both his sons and daughters. Thick, structurally sound cattle suited to most markets. Sire of 2014 top priced bull Gunyah Zues selling for $10,000

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Sevenbardot Mclarty E260 (Poll)

Mclarty E260 as equal top priced bull at the 2011 Sevenbardot On-property sale, purchased for $14,000. He has exceptional thickness and softnewss, with a great back end. Sire of Gunyah Atomic, who was 3rd in class and sold for $14,000 at Dubbo National Show & Sale in 2015.

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Bowmont Storm D076 (H)

Storm D076 was purchased at Wodonga National 2010, his sire Glendan Park Storm has bred an incredible line of progeny in the last few years really breeding a type, moderate easy doing soft cattle. Top son Gunyah Zapper was Grand Champion Canberra Royal 2015 and sold at Wodonga for $10,000. Trait leader for 200 400 and 600 day growth.

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Truro Down Under (Horned)

Down Under was purchased at the 2010 Truro on property sale. He Carries some strong Couallie bloodlines and has left a line of soft easy doing females at Gunyah. Son Gunyah Austin topped 2015 sale selling for $9,000.

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Truro He Da Man (AI) (H)

Purchased in 2014 at Truro On Property Sale for $22,000. He has bred on his tremendous length and stucture. He has crossed well with the Gunyah Herd. His first son's offered this year, son Gunyah Carribbean L337 sold to A Mitchell, Wonthaggi, VIC at Wodonga 2017 for $10,000.

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Kanimbla Good 'n' Plenty


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Pine Hill Fraser F1 (P)


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Gunyah Future Sires

Minlacowie Jubilant J123 (Poll)

A semen interest has been purchase in this award winning sire, Supreme Interbreed Bull at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show, he went on to sell for $95,999 to Devon Court Herefords at Wodonga in May. By far the most balanced sire I've seen this year he will be used heavily in a Gunyah program this spring.

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Bowmont Eclipse K011 (AI) (Poll)

Eclipse was purchased for $14,500 at this years Bowmont on property sale, going back to Gunyah Winchester sold to Bowmont at 2011. His pedigree hold some strong female families. Very correct and square he should cross well into the Gunyah Herd.

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Tycolah Overlander L07 (Poll)

Overlander was purchased at the Tycolah on property sale in July for $28,000 at 16 months old, he shows tremendous promise. Sired by Brisbane Royal Show Champion, Tycolah Lynwood, he has a lot to offer, will be exciting to see him mature.

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Gunyah Admiral J213 (P)

(Sire Tycolah Jovial - see above)

Reserve Junior Champion Dubbo National Hereford Show & Sale 2015, sold to R&B Legge, Cudal NSW for $9,000 - semen retained

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Gunyah Zapper (H)

(Sire Bowmont Storm D076) see above

Grand Champion Hereford Bull Canberra Royal 2015, 2nd in class and sold to RD & B Reynolds Crookwell at Wodonga 2015 - Semen retained

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Bowmont G085 Dom Lad K056 (AI) (P)


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